Summer Reading

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

The summer holiday is a wonderful opportunity to refresh and recharge. Our children have earned this well deserved break, and we encourage them to follow their passions, interests, and hobbies as they immerse themselves in whatever they love to do.

Ensuring our children make time to read is among the most precious gifts we can give them, even if they do not yet feel this way themselves. As partners in our children’s education, your encouragement will go a long way toward fostering active and engaged readers. Allotting time each day for all family members to read can be a wonderful shared experience. Whatever you decide, we want to provide you with a suggested reading list that might inspire our children and deepen their sense of wonder and imagination. You might even consider enticing more reluctant readers with audio books. For those with younger children, reading aloud can really help awaken their joy and curiosity. 

We hope you find this list helpful. Let’s make sure our students continue their education beyond their time in school. You never know when a love of reading will begin to germinate.

Thanks for your ongoing partnership. 

Elementary School Summer Reading List