Thank you for your interest in TMSA Public Charter Schools! TMSA is North Carolina's growing network of high-performing nonprofit public charter schools offering quality, tuition-free STEAM curriculum. We serve more than 4,000 students from kindergarten through 12th grade on six campuses in Apex, Cary, Charlotte, and Greensboro.

Applying is simple, fast, and free. When you click the link below, you will be prompted to select the school of your choice. 


Families that are new to TMSA are required to submit an application due to the limited spots available in our schools. Please note that the application is for new students only and must be submitted every year until an assignment is made.

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Current students at TMSA do not have to go through the application process again. Current families wishing to re-enroll are required to submit an “Intent to Return Form” by the deadline in order to hold their seat(s). 

Please note that TMSA Apex (K-7) and TMSA Triangle (K-12) are two different schools. TMSA Triangle's Grades 7-12 will be located in the Apex Campus along with TMSA Apex in the 2024-2025 school year.

TMSA Apex (K-7) will not be able to provide pre-lottery information tours due to high demand.


We conduct a lottery in February to assign students in a fair and equitable way. Our lottery is publicly undertaken and may be attended by any member of the public.
TMSA Public Charter Schools utilize a preference status process that gives enrollment priority to qualified applicants. Preference status entitles an applicant to be offered an available seat ahead of applicants without a preference status. Enrollment priority will be given to the following populations in the order listed: 

  • Children of employees and Board Members will be given preference. By law, these students can amount to no more than 15% of the school(s) total enrollment. 
  • Sibling preference will be granted to the siblings of currently enrolled students who were admitted in a previous school year. By law, a sibling includes half-siblings, step-siblings, and children residing in a foster family home. 
  • A student who was enrolled in TMSA within the two previous school years but left the school (i) to participate in an academic study abroad program or a competitive admission residential program or (ii) because of the vocational opportunities of the student's parents.
  • A student who was enrolled in another charter school in the State in the previous school year that does not offer the student's next grade level. 
  • A student who was enrolled in another TMSA school in the State in the previous school year. 
  • If a lottery is needed and a student from the waitlist is offered admission, their siblings are granted priority to the extent that space is available. 

You can find our Enrollment Policy HERE.


Applicants who receive an assignment to one of our schools will need to complete the necessary registration forms within the given two-week period in order to enroll. If the applicant does not notify the school of their acceptance of admission by registering on time, the applicant will be deemed to have declined admission, and the next applicant on the waitlist will be offered admission.

The following items are needed in order to complete the enrollment process. If applicants do not have some of these documents available immediately, such as EOG test results or kindergarten physical exam, they can be submitted at a later time, but you MUST communicate with the enrollment office. (See contact information below)

  • Government-issued photo ID for parent/guardian,
  • Copy of student birth certificate
  • NC proof of residency through the utility bill, mortgage/lease document, etc.
  • Immunization records
  • Guardianship/custody papers, if applicable
  • Most recent report card or transcript
  • Standardized test scores such as EOG
  • NC Health Assessment Form from the child’s physician (For all students new to the NC Public School System) Documentation for homeschoolers, if applicable
  • Any IEP, ESL, or 504 plans, if applicable


FEBRUARY 4, 2024: Application window closes for new students.
FEBRUARY 12, 2024: The enrollment lottery is held online on Feb 12th at 11:00 AM and is open to the public.
FEBRUARY 14, 2024: Seat confirmation emails are sent out
FEBRUARY 28, 2024: Deadline to accept offered seat(s)- Feb 
MARCH 14, 2024: Deadline for registration


If you have any further questions about our admissions process, please connect with the school to which you are applying.

TMSA Apex Campus (K-7)
(919) 335-0262 or send email to [email protected]


Is the lottery random?
We randomly select names or numbers through PowerSchool registration software. Once all available seats are filled, a waitlist will be established by listing the students in the order drawn. 

I have twins. How does the application and lottery work for multiple births?

Multiple birth siblings will enter the lottery as one name or number, parents only need to submit one application. If that name or number is selected, then all of the multiple birth siblings shall be admitted. Late applications after the scheduled lottery will be placed on the bottom of the waitlist. 

How do I know the process is fair?

We do not discriminate against students on the basis of sex, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, academic, artistic, athletic ability. We are an open enrollment school and admit any child who qualifies to attend a public school in North Carolina regardless of the school district in which the child resides. We employ a lottery system with prioritization categories. Our lottery is publicly undertaken and may be attended by any member of the public.