Counting Down Hours to Cultural Festival

Counting Down Hours to TMSA Apex Cultural Festival
Posted on 05/19/2023
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Dear Apex, You Are Invited!
Our parents, students and staff have an amazing Saturday afternoon planned for you at the TMSA Apex Campus! We're excited to announce that Apex Mayor Jacques Gilbert will be joining us too!
Come join us tomorrow at 4 pm as we celebrate the vibrant diversity of our community and create cherished memories. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of cultural delights as we bring you a wide range of activities and experiences. From savoring candies from around the globe to the exquisite art of henna and calligraphy, and discovering diverse clothing displays, student artworks, and captivating performances – there's something for everyone to enjoy.
Don’t Forget to Join Our Raffle Drawings!
Tickets are available at the following prices:
1 ticket for $5,
3 tickets for $10,
6 tickets for $20.
To purchase your tickets online, simply CLICK HERE.  
Please do not forget to select "Add $ to help cover the fees." If you prefer, you can also buy tickets in person on the event day – just bring cash!
 If you've purchased your tickets online, don't forget to visit our raffle table and enter your name for the basket you desire. Otherwise, you will be randomly assigned to the baskets.
Before you arrive, please take a moment to review our parking advisory to ensure a smooth experience.
Thank you for your support, and we can't wait to see you soon!
Principal Adam Alden


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